In love with a fwb

I know in these situations people can get feelings but I NEVER EVER thought it would be me 😭.

We were talking for 4+ years before we met up & became FWB but after that first meet I got feelings 🤦‍♀️ I kept it to myself & we just carried on, then he told me he had feeling, that he loves me & wants me to be his girlfriend... then he changed his mind so I carried on pretending for a few months until I felt I couldn’t anymore & told him I love him 🤐 we met up later that night & had the most amazing sex & spent the night together.

Now he’s completely changed, he’s been acting weird & is now saying that he thinks I need to find a different FWB as he doesn’t want to let me down if he can’t meet regularly. I know it’s my own fault for getting into this situation to begin with but I’m heartbroken.

How do you get past feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same 💔