Stressed and Pregnant ๐Ÿ˜“

Lately, I've been feeling more stressed about my pregnancy and everything thats been going on. I just want to be alone and I feel like crying.. ALL THE TIME. Even about little things.

I live with my boyfriend and his mom (for now). We're planning on moving out a few months after our baby girl is born. For the past week, we've been setting up the nursery, he's been painting the room, I've been looking at furniture to buy.

Now, he's been absolutely wonderful with everything he's done. He's painted, picked up the crib and dresser, been to the store looking at little things and clothes, been conscious of the things I eat, making sure I take care of myself, starting a savings account for Sophia; and so much I couldn't give him enough credit for.

I've just been so stressed and overwhelmed with having a baby. There's so much to do, so much you have to buy, so much you have to change. People expect so much and theres only so much you can give. Our relationship has matured as well but it isnt what it used to be like. I understand having a baby has that effect, and I dont mind it (We wanted a baby together and planned it).

Maybe its because I've been super emotional about everything, but I miss it. We dont have time to go on dates, or spend much time together, because we always work on different shifts, we dont talk like we used to or even have a sex life like we did before either.. i dont know if anyone else has experienced this or not.

I've also been having body confidence issues with myself as well. I don't look as good as I did before, and I know that. Ive gained weight, gotten stretch marks, my acne has been flaring up, and im tired all the time. Most times, I feel so unattractive. But I also know that you give up certain things for a child, and your body is one of those things. I also know its only temporary.

Sorry if this is a rant or something, but I feel like writing about how I feel makes me feel better. With everything going on, how could I not be stressed.

Work, not having much money, living at my boyfriend's mothers house, paying her rent, trying to save money, having to buy all new things for the baby, having a relationship change before your eyes, not being confident/happy with whats going on with your body, having people tell you youre doing things wrong or what you should do, etc.

Anyways.. any one else feel stressed when they were pregnant about the changes that were going on?