I wish I could be a “dad”


I wish I could be a “dad”. Just sit on my ass until my wife just bugs me enough to actually do something. Play with the kids, hype them up before bedtime so mom can deal with it. Watch your favorite show while mom does the dishes, laundry, gives bathes, brushes teeth, puts kid to bed. If I do decide to do the dishes, I’ll do half of them a leave the rest in the sink, I’ll do a couple loads of laundry but just leave the clean clothes on a pile on the bed for my wife to handle then brag about it and expect praise for the next month. Just leave every morning and maybe feed to animals if I have time. My wife can handle feeding animals, kid, getting ready and the kid ready, making sure the lights are off, animals are situated and drop them off at daycare, while I have time to stop and grab a coffee and breakfast without being late for work. And if my wife ever asks me to do anything or brings up the fact I don’t do shit, I’ll just get defensive and bring up the time I washed 4 plates a month ago and picked up a few toys the other night and it will be fine. Sounds like the life 🙄.

Is it just my lazy ass husband?? Sorry for my ranting, I’m just about fed up 😤

This is obviously a little over exaggerated, I was pissed off. I just posted it to RANT. Not for anyone to tell what I should do and how awesome your husbands are. GOOD FOR YOU. It’s obviously very common for men to act like this, idc what you say. And honestly, your guys probably do half of this, you’re just too oblivious to realize it. I know what I “should” do, I’m not stupid. But sometimes having a big fight, doesn’t make it worth it. And leaving your partners whenever they piss you off, isn’t always the answer and if you think it is, you’re gonna have one miserable life. Leaving my husband, being a. Single mom of soon to be 2 and having to deal with a custody case and a divorce is not going to be any easier. I just want to RANT, not everyone tell me what I should do.