Soooo I Caught Him With Evidence This Time

I Been With Him Fo About A Year On And Off And Hes Fucked On Me Twice But It Was During A Time That We Wasn’t On The Same Page At All . Anywayyy I Did My Thing Too Being That We Wasn’t Talking And Shit I Deserve To Do Me . Anyway We Got Better We Laughed More . Went On Dates More . I Started To Trust Him More. I’m The Kind Of Person To Get Tested Monthly ESP Because I Kept Getting A Bacterial Vaginosis After His Escapade. I Promised I Would Not Entertain Anyone And So Did He. NOW EVERY MONTH I GET TESTED I DONT NEVER COME BACK WITH NOTHING OTHER THEN A BV. WHYYYYYY WHEN I GOT MY RESULTS LAST MONTH I WAS CLEAN AND THIS MONTH I MY RESULTS CAME BACK AS A POSITIVE FOR AN STI ?!?!?!?!?!???

I Went To Him And Said “ Why The Fuck You Cant Fuck These Bitches With A Condom”

He’s Like He Hasn’t Done Anything How I Can Go Through His Phone And See What He Been Doing

And He Hasn’t Done Anything.

A Sexual Transmitting Infection DO NOT COME FROM AIR.

I Loook Thru His Phone And This Is What I Found Out

Now You Tell Me Why You Talking To Someone Like That If You Not Doing Nothing And He Deleted That Thread I Found It In A Group Text Thread . And Yes I Search Everything .

He Said He Went To Get Tested And He Came Up Negative, But Insisted On Taking The Medicine I Had Gotten From My Doctor, Does That Make Sense

I Kind Of Dont Wanna Believe It But I Have Golden Proof Right Here

Edit : Now He Is Saying He’s Done And That It’s Always Something With Me And He Dont Wanna Work It Out