Living with Bed Bugs part 2

So I made a post about a month ago about moving into a house only to find out after moving in and getting eaten alive the first night, there were bed bugs.

Now, a month later, we have treated the whole house. Especially the room I was getting bitten. I was scared to move our bed back in there even after treatment in fear I would wake up itching again.. well, after a couple weeks of our mattress being in our sons room with NO bites anywhere in the house, I finally decided we were gonna go to our own room last night.

I woke up this morning and my eye was swollen. Well, what could've done that?! I inspected my face and there they were. 4 bites on my face, 2 above my right eye and 4 below it. As I'm on my way to drop my husband off at work, I notice more on my back and hands. They're not as plentiful as the first batch or in any pattern like the first, so I thought. I undress once I got home and there they are. 3 and 4 in the same pattern on my back but they're not in the pattern anywhere else.

We've also had other issurs arise with this landlord. Therefore, we're moving.

First, he's making VERY inappropriate comments towards me. I've told him not to be flirting with me, it makes me uncomfortable. To which he replied, I'll flirt with whoever I want.

Second, we went to sign a Rent to Own contract with this guy and he was so fucked up he couldn't tell us how much we were buying it for. We've never seen this side of him. When it started, it was $22,000. By the end of the conversation it was $29,000 then $32,000 as we stood up to go to dinner. Come to find out from his niece, he had been clean from crack and recently went back to using. Also found out from this same niece he doesn't own this house until next June. He's currently in a rent to own with somebody else for the house and we've been making his payments!

Needless to say, this house needed thousands of dollars of work put into it, all of which we were willing to do for our first home getting started. Not only have I been scared away by bed bugs, this landlord has fucked up. I don't even think he realizes what he's doing is illegal! He said he's been trying to sell it for 3 years. No wonder nobody is buying it! It is in terrible condition but not unlivable and he is a freaking crack head that's trying to illegally sell a house he won't own for another year.!

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