Wanting to black out.


Part 5. Part 1- Come on teach me. Part 2 - All too much. Part 3 - I've created a monster. Part 4 Sexier a secret.


My brother and Tom had came back to the house two days ago and today would be the first time it would be all of us.

I had on a red tank top on with a white shirt and some black sandal's, my hair was curly and out with only minimal hair products because I had just washed it. I was sitting on my bed smoking the blunt and taking shot's off the bottle, I could hear the music downstairs, and new Jake had all his little friends here.

I only wanted to see one.


Fucking hell tom.

I can't stay away from him and it's making me go crazy, I just wanna touch him, suck him, feel him.

He has officially corrupted my mind



"Come in!" I said as I took a huge shot off the bottle, I watched Ben walk in with his girlfriend, Stan also walked in with Jake, Tom and another girl trailing behind.

"Hey sis."

"Hey." I said hitting the blunt Stan walked over to me taking the blunt from between my lips and starring into my eyes, I looked away but the second I did my heart started to pump faster.

Tom and the girl were hugged up with one another.

"Get the fuck outta my room!" I stood up Stan dropped the blunt when he jumped away and Jake groaned.

"Hey! We didn't even do any-"

"GO!" My brother caught my tone and they all walked out the room, I stood up walking towards the door and Tom turned around.

"You ok-" I slammed the door in his face and plopped down onto the floor.

"Stupid heart." I mumbled grabbing the bottle and finishing the little bit I had left, I smelt something burning and looked over to see the still lit blunt burning my carpet. "Shit!" I jumped up grabbing it and then taking a hit, I made way down the stairs to see the boys at the table playing card's, the girl was sitting next to tom and I smirked deciding to be petty I walked over. "Damn all the seat's are taken." I said and Jake smiled.

"Feeling better?" I shrugged and looked around, I looked to all the boys before my eyes landed on tom's who was starring at my ass.

"Can I sit here?" I walked over patting his thigh and he slowly slid back, I sat down on his lap and looked over to the girl.

"Hey." I smiled and she gave me a little smile so I rolled my eyes and looked back to Jake. "So what we playing?" I asked and he looked to me then tom oddly before it seemed to click in his head.

"Spade's." I nodded my head and took the cards as he handed them out.

"Jealously is a good look on you." Tom mumbled placing his lips against my shoulder just a little. "I wanna fuck the jealously outta you." I bit my lip and threw out the 4 of heart's, I wasn't gonna win anything but I needed to get that out my hand.

"I would like that." I turned my head to see the girl had moved away from us and towards the couch with some random's my brother invited over.

"Oh I-"

"Alright, enough are you two fucking?" When Jake said that I looked around the table and bit my lip, my eyes went to tom's.

"Yes but I didn't initiate it." Tom almost yelled out and I smirked looking back to my brother.

"Oh my god. Gross! Was it that day I went to get pizza? Cause you were all acting weird when we got back." Jake said and I smirked.

"Nah, it was in the dorm's when I brought you your books." I said looking to Stan, then to Carl who looked down oddly as his girlfriend threw out her card.

"Okay, never mind just act like I didn't ask." He groaned throwing out his card I went after him and smirked, feeling tom's hand make way up my thigh I moved to give him better access.

"I'm gonna fuck you." When he whispered that I bit my lip.

"How?" I whispered turning my head to look into his eyes.

"You'll see." Then I went back to the game tom finger's entered slowly into my pussy moving my underwear out the way with his other hand, I coughed to hold in the moan and lucky for me I had the blunt in my hand.

"Lightweight!" Andrew sang and I suddenly felt Tom's dick enter me I moved up a little and he hissed moving his hips just a little, I wanted to ride him so hard, I wanted him to bend me over this table and fuck me but the fact that he was inside me at all made this all the more better, we were about two game's in and me and Jake had been in the lead, I pulled myself off him because all he was doing was teasing me and fixed my skirt.

"I'm gonna go back to my room." I said and my brother nodded, I walked to the kitchen grabbing a bottle off the counter and making way up the stairs I got to my room and went to close the door but it was stopped with tom's foot he walked in and I shut and locked the door. I sat on the bed where tom had already made himself comfortable and started to roll on my bed I opened the bottle which was E&J.

Me and tom were just smoking, drinking and listening to the music from downstairs, I looked up from hitting the weed and seen tom.

He seemed sad? Or maybe even scared?

"Baby girl." He mumbled very low and I raised an eyebrow. "Come here." I got up walking over to him and taking a seat on his lap, his fingers started to trail down my body till he got to the hem of my shorts. "You will regret ever messing with me." He said his hands slowly but surely making way up my body he got to my lips running his thumb against my lip before his hands made way to my neck he leaned in placing a wet kiss against my neck before pulling away and looking into my eyes, my eyes slightly went wide went I felt his hand start to tighten he let out a low groan as my eyes slowly closed and my head went back. "Just tell me when you want me to stop." He said before his hands started to tighten on my neck to the point where I could feel the bruise forming, I could feel my breathing start to waver, my eyes fluttered opened and met with Tom's turned on my eyes, I clenched my thigh's needed some pressure to me released, his free hand suddenly started to move up my body slowly he got to my shirt slipping it down my arms before freeing my breast from the bra.

All the while he was slowly tightening his hand around my neck, my body was shaking and wanting nothing more then for him to enter me, but he wasn't giving me that he was teasing me, he was teasing me to the point of explosion, to the point where my body was ready to just explode at any second.

"You like this, don't you m'girl. Such a little slut. My secret slut." As he said that my eyes opened and I know he could see they were slightly watering as he kept his hand firmly against my neck. With his free hand he wrapped it around my waist and stood up placing me on my lap top table, before sliding the skirt down my leg, before he let go of my neck for only a second and slipped the shirt and bra off my body, A whine left my mouth and his hand went to my neck again before his other hand ran up then down my pussy, I hissed throwing my head back which made tom tighten his arm's around my neck. "So fucking wet." Without moving or loosening his hand from my neck he got down to my core licking my clit my body shook and the feeling made me buck my hips and that made tom moan against my clit before his hands started to tighten in my neck my hands went to his as he licked up and down my pussy I felt his finger slowly slide into me and my eyes opened looking right into his he entered his finger's into me and I gasp's my hand grabbing the desk and my body shaking.


"Look at me." My eyes connected with his as he was eating me out, his finger curled and my stomach started to tighten, his tongue licked harder and his finger curled some more My orgasm was hitting but at the same time I was starting to see black dot's, and my neck was most likely bruised, how was I supposed to explain that? Suddenly I was moaning out tom's name and he continued to lick, suck and eat me out till my body was shaking in pleasure and my eyesight was blacking out.

Then he released my neck and I propped myself up taking a deep breath but suddenly he pressed his lips against my, kissing me hard before he lifted me off the desk and took me to the bed.

Laying us both down I turned my body towards him still trying to catch my breath, he slipped the blankets over both of us and the then the door swung open.

"Oh my gross! Were you two j-"

"Jake! My door was locked you broke it!" I groaned and he looked to the door sighing. "Go!"

"Can you two not hook up when I am around!" He said shutting the door as he walked out.

"My damn door-"

"You know I got a place?" When tom said that my eyes went wide.

"What the hell! But you stay at the dorm." I sat up and he snickered sucking on my nipple I laid my head back against the wall.

"Yeah love but that's not my place." He snickered and I nodded my head a little not really paying mind to him, more so paying mind to him sucking my nipple and rubbing my pussy under the blanket.


Part 5.