I’ve been wanting this pregnancy to go very well and have tried sooo hard for things to go one way but they end up another. My pregnancy was unplanned from the beginning so it was difficult at first. Fast forward to being prescribed a bunch of meds and ending up in ER, I was still very positive. My family refused to support me completely and my husband’s family has major mood swings where one day they hate us and the next day they love us so we seldom interact with them.

Next, comes the stupid glucose test. Many people in my husband’s and mine have diabetes. My mom in particular had it during her pregnancy. For those reasons, I’ve been very careful not to overeat, exercise daily, cut down my sweets and carbs, etc. I even jogged a 5k 2 weeks ago. Sure enough, I failed my 1 hr glucose test at 1.47. I’m going back in again for the 3 hour test. My sister said it’s genes and I can’t fight it. I liked to believe I could.

On top of all that, I’m fairly new to my town. 3 years here now and I still don’t have many friends so my best friend back home decided to throw me a baby shower but in my new town since my husband didn’t believe I should travel a month before my due date to home. Turns out nobody could fly from my hometown to make it, not even my best friend unless I paid for her flight. Since I’m not working and am in school full time, I told her I could pay half but she had to search dates in advance and not wait and I’d help her. A month is left and she made 0 efforts to help or even send invites or book a flight. She also became very busy so I don’t blame her too much. It sucks. I cancelled it at first but then being in a sorority has its perks. Couple sorority sisters and husband’s friends felt bad and offered to help out. I’ll be planning it rather than my best friend being involved at all and I really didn’t want to be involved at all. I just wanted to show up and eat 😩. But I will look at the bright side to everything like my husband always says. Just wanted to rant a little. *sigh*