Is this a MC?


This is my first pregnancy that has gone beyond 5 weeks.

I’ve read a lot in to babies hearts stopping and a miscarriage beyond 5 weeks.

At 6 weeks we got a heartbeat at 122bpm, I had HG so I was in and out of hospital quite a lot.

I’m currently 9+4 and I woke up this morning with no pregnancy symptoms, no nausea (weird for me considering I have HG), my breasts don’t hurt and I am full of energy, no longer have cramps and I no longer feel ‘pregnant’ and my uterus doesn’t feel heavy like it has. I have had no spotting just a slight change in my discharge (less than more)

Is this a possibility that my baby is no longer growing/ no heartbeat? I have an appointment with my GP in a few days time however I’m anxious.

Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated!