Immaculate conception


So, I love <a href="">EVE</a>. It's funny, it's clear, there's a great community and it helps me keeping track of my period in a very straightforward way.

BUT I keep on getting these super high percentages of pregnancy that are plainly impossible and stress me out. I have a copper IUD (99.2% success rate, highly unlikely to fail), my SO and I use condoms AND we've been working on different days this past month so we barely had sex. My period ended YESTERDAY. I know that before ovulation I'm slightly more likely to get pregnant but this is a bit exaggerated...

Anyone else getting these threatening statistics? I really don't want kids right now, I find the idea terrifying.

Ps: If I'm 1% likely to get pregnant and my chances increase by 8% it makes it 1.08%, not 9%, right? God <a href="">EVE</a> why, I hate math 😂