23+5 tomorrow.

Erica • 29 y.o. | 7 losses 💔 | Engaged💍| 🌈 Cora born 12/16/19 | Bridger due 11/9/22

And I have my next ultrasound at noon. I can't help but to feel nervous for every single one I get. She's been perfect so far. No issues other than the shadow in her heart that is fading and all the tests came back good from it. It's just after losing 7 other pregnancies I can't help but to think something is going to go wrong at some point here. 😞 I wish I could feel good and excited about seeing her. But I don't. And my baby shower is in the process of being planned and it's freaking me out cause I feel like it's just jinxing everything. 😭