I need support !!


I donnu where should I start , but I got married in August (last month) we were on our honeymoon for only 2 weeks and then he left to his country and we r trying to finalize the papers so I can move with him to his country, I can’t take it I feel down all the time , I feel lonely without him , I used to have this feeling while we were engaged but after we got married this feeling is even worse and intense , I almost cry daily , it affects my normal daily life ( my work , my family and friends and everything else ) I’m trying to hold on or try to get busy with normal life but everything is useless and tasteless , It will take time to see him again and I donnu when I don’t have specific dates to see him again , papers r complicated , friends and family try to support and all they say u will go there eventually but they don’t understand this sadness and depression I’m passing through , i can’t get out of this mood .. I’m trying but I can’t please some help !!