This beautiful baby boy is killing

Samantha • Had our first in November 2015, our second in December 2016, now thanks to and IUD failure we are currently pregnant with our 3rd and couldn't be happier. Maybe I'll finally get a girl.
So Tuesday I went to my 32 week appt with my ob. I told him I had been having contractions, so he checked my cervix and found that I was 40% effaced and the baby was very low. Well he sent me to the high risk ob and they did a FFS and it came back negitive. So they let me go home but wanted me to come back for a repeat ultrasound to check my effacement the next day. Well it had gotten slightly shorter in 24 hours. Like to 50%. Well starting this morning around 2am I noticed some spotting. So I called the on call ob and he said wait it out. So I tried to go back to bed but the contractions were keeping me awake. Well by 11am I was contracting every 7-9 minutes and I was still spotting. I called the on call doc and she told me to come into labor and delivery. So my hubby and I go down there and the got a really good tracing of my contractions and the doctor checked me and I'm not dilated but I'm now 85% effaced and at a +2 station. They decided to send me home after another FFS came back negative. I'm still contracting every 7-9 minutes. The spotting has stopped. I'm drinking plenty of water. How do I get them to stop. And has anyone else has something similar happen to them. I'm 33 weeks and 3 days. I go back and see my normal ob on wednesday.