Am I losing interest ?

So I’m 17F my boy is 16 and we’ve been together now 7 months sex used to be amazing and felt amazing and I used to cum many times and then now 7 months later I just don’t get turned on easily anymore his body let alone used to turn me on just by looking at him now I don’t and I don’t really understand why, I like that he gained some more weight because I know he’s eating right so have I gained some weight he likes it too. Recently we were talking and he said how I don’t get wet at all anymore and to think if it I really dont. I hadn’t noticed for months that I don’t get wet anymore. I noticed it’s been times where we start off having sex and it feels great then it slowly starts to not feel great then I don’t feel anything pleasure wise at all I just feel him thrusting and a bit of pain now I personally like it rough I had to open him up more to it even teach him how I like to be choked and dominated and he doesn’t do any of that anymore. It used to be he would eat me out each time before we fuck and now he barley does and when I does he never fully turns me on or his tongue goes everywhere I tell him I don’t like or it feels weird. Really it’s been I fake pleasure when I’m not really feeling anything just to get him off so I can do something else I barley cum anymore, it’s like he’ll go from feeling weird to hitting the right spot to then I get close to cumming and he’s in the wrong spot again or he cums 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don’t get what it is I’ve tried fixing it and he’s talking about taking a break from having sex in general.