Am I right or wrong?


My boyfriend of almost 2 yrs and I are expecting, I'm about 4 1/2 months. We had a mc at the beginning of the year and here is where my dilemma starts:

His mother which I had met and chit chatted with a few times lives not even 10 min away... I've always been nice and courteous. Well she never called or texted to tell me sorry for the loss, to tell me hope you feel better soon, or anything so I was upset.

Well she clearly doesn't like me because my bf admitted that after I asked. Fair enough I think. ... well I've been in and out the hospital about 6 times on the verge of miscarriage again and this whole time I haven't heard from her. She asks my bf how I am but I feel in my gut she's not genuine.

I was discussing somethings with my bf tonight, and I went off on a tangent and brought up his mother and went as far to say that if she doesn't make an effort to talk to me soon then she was out the picture and when the baby was here she wouldn't be a part of that. she could come see her here but that's it. .. he got extremely pissed and said that wasn't my decision and I flipped out and said it was, and I'll leave him if it comes down to that. I feel that when his mother asks about me that he should step in and suggest to her to call or check on me herself. with him just telling her, I feel he isn't giving me my place and I know he has to realize it's just a front on her end. Am I wrong to not want her around or am I wrong for what I said? I am literally shaking, in rage feeling like he's siding with his mother.

thanks in advance. ..