Bad Baby Shower Advice

So I did not want a baby shower. I don't like attention on me. I don't like talking about baby in the future tense because I lost my last pregnancy at 18 weeks and it was just just very hard. My husband insisted I have one because he wants me to get excited and  our good friend begged to throw it for us. It is going to be awesome small group, boozy tea party with board games. All close friends who want to be there. 
Here is where the problem comes in. My mother was inviting people that I barely know/really don't like, and a lot of them to the shower so we had to split it up. Friend shower and grandma shower. But she has has free reign. She has invited people I don't really know, is doing all the games/ look at me stuff that I hate. Not to mention I feel weird recving gift from people that don't really know/care about me. And my mother is the type to EXPECT gifts. All of that sucks but it pales in comparison to;
1. Her not inviting my uncle that I love and adore because they don't get along. She used the excuse he will make it all about him because that's what he did at a wedding once 30 years ago. If I had know sooner I would have invited him myself. Did I mentioned she invited his ex wife?
2. She has completely bulldozed over my MIL who she was suppose to be planning with. She was looking forward to doing so much for the shower my mother vetoed. 
So why am I posting? Not to vent.., I need help. Genuine help, how can I save the shower of my nightmares. My husbands mom will be heart broken if it goes poorly, none of her family can make it and she will want everyone to have a good time so badly. I am not good at faking it. So what is a way I can get a bunch of adults 50-60ish in age who don't drink and have nothing in common to have a good time?
Has anyone ever turned a bad baby shower around?