I think I’m pregnant

Kelsey • Momma to baby #1 ♥️

I was supposed to start my period yesterday and I had a weird feeling to take a test.. I’m really not sure why, but I did. Three tests later ..

A part of me is so excited and the other part is a trainwreck. I’m 24 and my boyfriend is 26. Things haven’t been the best lately (we’ve been fighting a lot..). Every fight we have is over little things. We’ve been together six years and just bought our first home together (although we lived together prior). And I wonder how certain family members will take it. His parents love me but they were definitely wanting us to get married first. My parents will be ecstatic.. my grandpa, he has stated before that he does want us to have a baby before marriage as well. I guess I just need reassurance and positive vibes. Like I said, a part of me is SO excited and has already been pinteresting like crazy.. the other part is intimidated and scared (I mean, I AM posting this at 4:30 am) 😅