4 Days old

Hannah🍌 • Stay at home Mommy 9/6/19 God gave us a baby girl

She came one day after my due date:)

..some advice would be get the epidural😆 I am the type of person to go all natural with things and I tried but by 4 centimeters my pain was a 10. My mood changed and was calm once I got it, then I could really enjoy the experience. I could have 10 more babies that’s how much it helped!! I learned as your pushing you take breaks and only push when there is a contraction. Another thing I didn’t think about was after the babies out, you have to wait while they stitch you up and that took a while. I pushed her out in 20 minutes. They also have to push on your stomach after birth to get rid of the blood and they continue as the nurses come in. That’s uncomfortable and first pee is uncomfortable but all this I went through was worth it. You are witnessing a miracle when you go through all this

The first night I didn’t sleep at all. I just stared at her. I am so in love and wanted to make sure she was ok. I kept thanking God over and over. It’s a true miracle witnessing brith.