Pregnant at 5 months pp!

Collie • 🇨🇦24 Y.O expecting my first April 9th 2019. Born April 4th 2019🤰🏽👶🏽🎉 m/c in February 2018 at 5 weeks 😭 baby #2 due may 2020

My daughter turned 5 months on April 4th of this year and ever since I struggled with wanting another baby and feeling like it was unrealistic, I missed being pregnant so much even the things I hated I wanted to do all over again it was the happiest time in my life and I feel like I took it for granted but Me and hubby decided once my period came for the first time last month that we would wait till she’s a year old at least, we had sex once on August 14 ONCE!, I took a pregnancy test on Friday because I missed my period and my lordd I’m pregnant again!! At first I felt guilty that she wouldn’t have time with me but now I’m ecstatic and realize it’s her sibling and they will be so close and grow up together ! Gave birth April 4 2019 and now I’m due May 2020