Just need to freaking vent !!!!!

I am so sick of my obygn bashing me for my weight. If I gain 7 pounds it's a problem, I don't understand like wtf ??, she tells me to eat higher proteins because I was losing some weight. But if I gain 7 pounds within two weeks it's a problem and she wants to tell me to slow it down and gain less then a pound witch I find completely ridiculous !!! I find her confusing... You either want me to gain weight or not witch is it ? And She is not understanding either !! I literally tell her the only reason why I'm gaining weight so quick, is because you told me to eat higher proteins, like bacon, sausage, eggs etc and plus I'm always hungry even after a full meal. Nothing can keep me full explains why my daughter is chunky 🤔 and if I ignore the hungry pains I will throw up and feel sick for the rest of the day and be in pain. Then she wants to assume that the reason why I'm putting on weight quick, I eat nothing but sweets witch I don't I mostly eat healthy and barley even eat sweets 🙄💯 I am 171 back to my pre pregnancy weight, and she told me thats where she wanted me at. But guess what ?? went over a pound my pre pregnancy weight and it's a problem after she told me it's okay to go over. Like honestly she makes me feel like crap about my weight like I'm doing something wrong when really I'm following what she says. I only gained 25 pounds out of the 7 months I have been pregnant and I feel that's good 👍 like am I taking this to heart because I'm pregnant and just need to chill ? Or I need to find a new obygn that won't make me feel like shit about my weight . What are your thoughts ?? really appreciate the advice 💖💖💖