Ok so currently I’m 35 weeks pregnant, my husband has 2 step brothers that has Autism. One is more severe than the other. We went to their house for a visit and I was laying on the couch one of the step brothers came by my side and I asked him if he would like to feel the baby. He said “sure” he put his hand on my belly, then he started touching my breasts. I said to myself “maybe he thought the baby is high up there that’s why he touched my breasts” then I told him that the baby isn’t there he should put his hand on my belly instead.. He kept moving his hands up to my breasts and at this point (I DONT KNOW) if he knew what he was doing... I was so confused but I didn’t say anything. We left the house and I wanted to tell my husband about the situation. He called me a dumb bitch and said “how can you accuse him about something like that” he then called his mother and she called me a “cunt” and said she will take MY UNBORN KID away from me???? Mind you this is my first child and NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I EVER LIVED WITH PEOPLE THAT HAS AUTISM!!! I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO THINK!!! AM I WRONG IN THIS SITUATION?