okay so i know you cant tell 100 percent until an ultrasound BUUUUT

Where i work theres a LOT of us females that are having babies.

8mnths -a girl

6mnths- girl

5.5 months -girl




Then theres me 7 weeks and having the EXACT same problems as my friend who is 9 weeks with twins, minus her hemorrhage. (found out when she went to the er with a transvaginal ultrasound to see why she was bleeding still) i have my first appointment on the 16th, ill be almost 8 weeks so im not even sure when ill be able to have my first ultrasound yet BUT everybody says im having twins, my own mother (whos freaking weird and is literally right 9 times outta ten) says im having twin girls...yall help me cause i got an 8 month old son 😭😭😭