Back ache and cramping

I don’t want to sound dumb, but idk who else to ask. 😂

I’m 27 + 3. I just went out to eat with my family, and some unfortunate things unfolded. I may have lost my temper and chewed an older lady out for being rude about my child, who only cried once while being there(which is a win in my book)! Anyways, that happened about 45 mins ago.. since I have started cramping in my abdomen, and I have a dull aching in my lower back.. could that be Braxton-Hicks or should I go get checked out. I typically don’t do confrontation but I’m so tired of old women acting like children don’t fuss on occasion like she’s a one year old it happens.. I just couldn’t hold it in, blaming the hormones. 😂