Blessed beyond measure

I am a single mom to a little girl with a rare chromosome disorder. She is my miracle baby. She wasn't supposed to make it past the 20 week mark. But here she is now almost 9 months old! I just moved into my own place with her (two month ago) and just doing our thing taking it one day at a time

Of course, being a single parent (or even if you have a partner!) Can be tough. And it has been extremely tough.

I am back to work, but we get paid monthly. And my last cheque for maternity leave wasn't a full one. I have officially run out of money. It's one of the scariest most helpless feelings. If it was just me, I don't think id worry as much. But of course, when you have $30 in your bank account to last 3 weeks when you have to buy diapers and formula and toilet paper and bread and laundry detergent while paying your bills like hydro and car insurance and gas is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

Well I turned to my parents. I was just honest with them. I wasn't asking them for money, I was asking for advice. (This was after I didnt get approved for a line of credit)

Long story short, my mom came by my place with bags of groceries and diapers and formula and toilet paper and such to help us get by. I was so thankful. So so thankful. I've never been so happy to see formula and dish soap lol.

Well when she was over she told me that she and my dad had a whole lot of equity in their home so they pulled from that and are helping us by covering all of our needs until the next time I get paid. Rent. Insurance. Gas. Milk. Everything. I feel so blessed to have parents who would go to such measures in order to help me. This isn't a shaming post or bragging either. I'm just so thankful that now I can focus on work and my daughters health without worrying about what to do for the next few weeks.