What would you do if your bf didnt do "special things" for you?

My bf and I have been together for 3 months (very short period of time)... but we are literally the girl/boy version of the other one lol. I've never met someone who I related to so much and we are best friends.

After dating his ex for three years, she went off to college and broke up w him through text and ghosted him... so his guard has def been up which is fine bc mine was up at first too.

But my boyfriend refuses to do "special things" now (posting me, writing my notes/cute texts, buying me flowers, stuff like that) because he said that he did it with his ex and girls that he talked to after her and they all just played w his feelings and left so that part of him is just gone now.

This absolutely sucks for me bc I LOVE things like that and I'm falling in love with him. I've tried explaining that obviously my feelings are true to him because he doesnt do things for me that a lot of guys have to do to keep a girls attention and I'm still happy w him. But everytime I try to explain that I wish he would do those things he tells me that's just not him anymore.

How would you handle this??😕😕

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