He’s here! (Possible tmi pic)


After laboring for 3 hours and pushing for 10 minutes he made his way into this world, I feel extremely lucky to of had such an easy birth and I wish the same on anyone else who still has babies to deliver!

The only advice I have for ftm is to relax and try to accept everything that’s happening to your body instead of fighting it or tensing up, Once I did this my contractions weren’t as bad and it made getting him out so much easier. I also wanted a completely natural birth and I made it to 9 centimeters without anything because I was afraid it would ruin the experience, I was actually able to focus more with the epidural and it was personally the best decision I could have made.

Overall birth Isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be, I look forward to the experience again one day in the future 😊

Good luck to you guys!!!

And a picture as the placenta because they’re fascinating to me!