Rant. Gotta get it off my chest

Joy • mommy to a wonderful little boy! expecting baby boy #2 in November!

Sometimes I want to punch my mother in law in the face. First she didn't want us to get pregnant at all for some bull crap reasons that have nothing to do with me. Now that we are pregnant she acts all weird anytime anyone talks about it in front of her. But at least she's not negative and does seem to want another grandbaby. The thing that really gets my goat is that she has to compare me to everyone else or herself. Each person and pregnancy is different. I dont give a poop that other women didn't get morning sickness or had more energy. I'm not them!! She got all mad at me because I cut my hours at work because I'm so tired. She worked 40 hours with all three of her pregnancies. Well good for you! I'm a nurse!! I work incredibly hard and I'm on my feet all day. She's a receptionist!!! (Not that that job isn't very mentally taxing) But come on! Give me a break lady!! Plus my husband just started a new job that allows me to cut back. Me and him agreed on it!

Sorry I just had to get that out!

Also if you're a nurse putting in 12 hour shifts and 40+ hours I just wanna commend you for how awesome you are! Seriously I'm exhausted after my 10 hour shifts and only work about 28 hours a week right now.