Birth story

Danielle • 💙Mommy To Noah Anthony💙 ❤Lynn Mae Paislee❤ 💍Wife To The Best💍

I went in to be induced at 39 weeks September 10 at 2am, Iwas already 3cm dilated and 60% thinned out, they had pitocin started and everything hooked up by 4am. Every hour my nurse came in and upped my dose of pitocin. At 8:45am I was checked again, I was 4cm and 90% thinned out, and I got the epidural. At 9:24am my midwife broke my water and I was at 5cm. 9:42am I was at 8cm my nurse told me let her know if I start feeling any pressure.

At 10am I started feeling what felt like my lower back was a lot more numb then the rest of my body, I was feeling extremely nauseous and my nurse came in, I told her about the feeling and that I didn't know if that was the "pressure".

I had the peanut ball between my legs since I was at 5cm, she moved the peanut ball and checked me and I was 10cm and 100% thinned out. She didn't tell me, she just laid my leg down flat, I tried to put it back on the ball and she said no keep your legs together we have to wait on the midwife because she is crowning.

As we were waiting I felt like I had to cough, my son got me sick a couple weeks ago and my cough never really went away. The midwife and students came in and I told them I need to cough and she said let me get my gloves on then you can.

I asked for a mirror before we got started and I could see her hair!

The student said okay, now you can cough and when I did her head came a little further out. She had so much hair!

Then my midwife told me she is going to have me push with my next contraction, I said okay. She said her it comes, chin to chest, big deep breath and push. One push her head was out, one more push all but her feet were out, last push she was born 10:18am 7lbs even 19 3/4 in long. I delivered the placenta in one push as well.

Everyone meet Miss Lynn Mae Paislee Huff