Is there a lesser of 2 evils? Vaping vs smoking

*please read before commenting*

Ok I probably could’ve got away with posting this in CC because I know there might be a huge debate to follow lol. I’m really just asking honestly because I want my husband to quit vaping so bad. He used to smoke cigarettes when we first got together and I really hated that (plus the smell) and vaping was like the up-and-coming thing then. So he made the switch. He used to smoke his e-cigarette a lot and he’s cut down significantly. Like he doesn’t even take it to work with him anymore. I know it would be better if he just quit completely but he says if he quits that then he’s going back to cigarettes. Then my SIL is texting me every other day that he needs to quit and blah blah blah. Her husband smokes a pack of Marlboro reds every day and I guess that’s ok to her. 😒 he’s a grown man and yes I want what’s best for him but I can’t force him to do anything. I’m pregnant and also really don’t want him to go back to smoking cigarettes. All of the stories in the news about vaping related illnesses are scary tho, I get it. I just don’t know if there is a right answer here. I guess I needed to vent to but any advice would be really appreciated too.