Dying at school 😫🤧🤒


So, there’s this really awful sickness going around my school. It’s like a cold/flu thing. And, lucky me, I got it. I’ve spent the last two days being at home with a sore throat and a runny nose. Today I’m at school, and I wish I could go home ugh. The sore throat has transitioned into this really bad cough. And just now, I was in the library at my school, doing my homework. And I went into this fit of coughing 😷. It was really embarrassing because, here I am, sitting in this totally silent library, coughing so loud, I’m sure the people outside in the hall could hear me. It’s the woooorrrrrrssstttttt. So I left the library and went into the bathroom and now I’m standing in a bathroom stall, blowing my nose with toilet paper and hacking my mf lungs out. It’s really embarrassing and painful as hell. I have so much homework I need to be doing, but nooooooo, my dumb ass is hiding in the girls’ bathroom, DYING. Okay, ik that’s dramatic lmao but that’s how it feels. Tomorrow, I’ll be sure to come to school prepared with cough drops and a water bottle.

There’s not really a purpose for this post other than I want to rant about being ill. Ughhhh. Thanks for reading if you did lol.