Mother in law...

I really dont mean to seem like I'm some big know-it-all when it comes to parenting. And in fact, I dont know everything and I try to get better at my new job as being a mother.

For some reason tho, my MIL comes over and literally tells me the same few things ever single time. 1. That I should start bottle feeding my newborn. 2. That I should give him formula. 3. I need to put RICE CEREAL in my baby's formula??? 4. When he gets hiccups I should give him sugar water???

This is the same woman that I had to convince multiple times that she needed to wear a clean shirt when she came over to see my baby who just came home from the hospital because she was smoking and thought it was okay to be around him.

And what gets me is the sugar water thing. Only because she wont let it go! And then when I tell her that I can't do that because the dr says it's not healthy for them, she gets so aggravated and goes "I only raised 2 kids of my own"

That's wonderful and I love your son, but my son is not your responsibility...

Her intentions are good and she wants to help but I cant stand her when shes like this. Its just super repetitive. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄