I said I wanted to break up but he won't talk to me

It's been 6 years and I'm done with the disrespect. I've stood by his side through a lot of things and he thinks nothing of it. People around me see how he doesn't appreciate what he has; me, a loving and supportive girlfriend.

He makes me feel guilty when I want to hang out with my only friend. He starts arguments that mean nothing. He doesn't trust me completely. It's annoying and I've been "content" with out relationship for a few years now. It's easier to stay together unhappy than to break up and figure out bills, the lease and etc.

I told him today I didn't want to be together anymore. He told me I was annoying, to get away from him and leave.

Really? 6 years and you let me walk out the door so lonely and feeling unwanted.

Most people sit down and talk things through but not him. He never communicates with me and I've only asked for this for literally 2 years. Just please talk to me, don't yell, don't scream, just talk to me. He acts like a child when we have an issue.

He didn't say anything. I came back a few hours later and he still is saying hurtful things. We live together and share a car this is not good. How am I going to leave when we have so much invested?