I'm in a serious life or death situation... My story may be long but I need help.. 2months ago my SO against my approval let my brother move on to our new house. Two weeks after he came he moved his 18year old girlfriend in that is now PREGNANT. I told her She couldn't stay had to find other arrangements.. Everything.. They have my SO the guilt trip about her past and said how much they/she would help and how she had no where to go and was a foster child who's been on her own since 12 when her mother sold her for drugs..smh..My brother has been mixed up with the wrong type of people and is now addicted to Percocets.. He's having BIG issues paying rent and they walk around like a king and queen. My SO wants to put him out and tell her to go to a shelter.. I knw in my soul that if he does this that my brother will retaliate and try to get him beat up.. Or worse.. shot..I REALLY need some serious advice. My SO and I have a 3year old that I don't want exposed to this type of life style and tension.. A little history?? My brother and I use to be VERY close after he and his kids mother seperated he fell into a deep depression..which led to addiction, arrogance and pure anger.. He's my only brother and our mother was the strongest and greatest single mother I knw of. My mother divorced my father after many years of abuse and Miscarriages.. It pains me to believe that my brother is going down that same violent path.. I honestly don't knw what to do!! My brother is on probabtion for a drug charge so he can get out back in jail if anything goes wrong..Should I just have my SO kick him out and sorry about his possible action later?? Should I report him to the police?? Should I just sit back and hope for the best!?!? My home officially a war zone!! My SO has TRIED to talk to him many of times with no luck.. He's spiteful things and has sent the police to my SO job!! With an anonymous report of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!! Then he tried to blame it on me!! Saying it was probably my wrong doing!!!!.. Things are going from bad to worse in a matter of days.. My SO and I are the only ones names on the lease but I'm honestly scared for his well being if he puts them out.. We talked to our landlord he said he can't get involved because of some bogus reasons... PLEASE!! vote and leave advice.. I'm almost considering taking our daughter and leaving myself..

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