Boyfriend hates mom

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Long story sorry.

So my boyfriend hates my mom because she's fake & unsupportive, she also gives out a jealous vibe because my boyfriend is a wonderful provider for me than her boyfriend. She also loved him at first then out of no where tried to convince me to watch out for 'red flags' and other things to get me to leave and to top it off she can be racist also when she doesn't agree with him on things (my bf is polish btw) ...

Anyway, her final straw with me was when she sent me a horrible message (i'll attach a photo) a few months ago because we couldn't stay over her house because 1. I wasn't feeling good & 2. She wasn't even home when we got there and assumed we'd just stay 3 hours waiting on her to get out of dialysis...I never forgave her for that but it's been a month and even though we went through that sometimes it's still nice to see her, so she finally bought herself a car and drove the whole hour to see my sister and I (she lives with my bf and I) & since she's been here my bf has done nothing but complain about her being here, nagging to me about when she's going to go, if she'll be gone before we get back to work & how much he hates her and gives her anxiety, and blames me for everything that comes out my mom's mouth even if she says "hello."

Long story short lol. I love him and I love my mom but at this point I don't know what to do, I'm losing my patience with my boyfriend for singing the same on tune and I'm just so 'ugh' if that was even a feeling lol.

Sorry for the rant I'm so sorry. Forgive me 🙏