So I don't know if anyone here knows anything about this... But I just started my period. I've never in my life have had this bad of a headache. It's so bad that I got sick at work, was confused, and dizzy. Also, the pain is in my neck, which is very stiff and hurts to move. I went to an urgent care, and they feared I had meningitis so sent me to the ER. Then the doctor blamed this on my period, gave me some medicine and sent me home...but I'm still feeling this Way. The medicine he gave me really did nothing but make me sleepy. I'm now taking aleve but it's not doing anything either. Has anyone had this type of pain during a period?? I'd rate the pain a 9 if it were 1-10 with 10 feeling like your head is about to pop off.... Should I go to another ER and get checked again?..