Anybody delivering alone?

Kari • 23, married, I have a two year old and baby number 2 is due 2/29!

This may sound stupid or petty if so I apologize in advance.

I'm not nervous for anything this pregnancy, now that baby is moving a ton anyways, I'm 20 weeks we have a budget plan to buy everything plus...been here done this you know? I'm slightly concerned about how my two year old will be with not being an only child but he'll adjust eventually.

Except delivery... We have nobody we trust to watch our son so I'm having this baby Alone and I'm terrified. I have no family so that isn't an option I only have my husband and son, I went to the hospital for a migraine awhile ago and as soon as the gave me any medication I felt a MASSIVE need to be home with them I NEEDED my boys and I gave myself a huge anxiety attack.

I figure if I can find a mindset now of I'll be okay to do this alone then I actually will be okay with it. Has anyone else not had anybody with them? How'd you make it through? I realize my situation could be worse but still wanting advice