Baby Olivia

Tabitha • 24. FTM! Due on Sept. 29, 2015 with a baby girl💜
Just wanted to share my birth experience with everyone. I was due September 29th. On the 29th I went to the doctor for my 40 week appointment. Everything was fine; blood pressure, weight, baby's heart rate..., and when checked I was only a fingertip dilated. The doctor said she stretched me to a 1. I left the doctor and decided I was going to walk about a mile to turn to bring on labor.  About 2 hours later I started spotting. A few hours later I went with a friend to the local mall and walked the perimeter for about 2 hours. About 1 am I stopped bleeding and I went to bed. I couldn't sleep at all, I just kept talking and turning. I finally woke up about 9 am. After I ate my breakfast I sat back on the couch and felt a pop. I got up and there was a streak of fluid on the couch. I ran to the bathroom and a gush of fluid ran down my leg. I called my doctor and when checked they said that my water had broke, but I was only a fingertip dilated. They sent me right over to labor and delivery. I got in and hooked up shortly after, and the nurses asked if I could feel the contractions that I was having. I told them no and after they talked to the doctor they decided to start me on pitocin at 1pm.  After a few hours I asked for pain medication (I was trying to have a natural birth and no epidural). Whatever they gave me made me loopy and I don't remember much going on. I eventually asked for an epidural. After getting the epidural, I felt so much relief. I stayed at 1 cm for about 4 hours, I finally reached 3cm and stalled there for about 6 hours. About 11pm I reached 4 cm and sat at a 4 for hours. At some point during the night the doctor and 3 nurses came in and said the baby's heart rate was dropping and they took me off the pitocin. At 7 am the doctor sent the anesthesiologist up to prep me for a c-section since I wasn't progressing. Right before he started, the doctor checked me one last time and I had progressed to 6cm. She then massaged my uterus and started me back on the pitocin. Around 9:30 I had made it to 9cm. From that point on, I felt like I had to make the biggest bowel movement of my life! Around 11:30 the nurse came in because the doctor was in a c-section and said that I was at 10 and I was ready to push. They got me ready and she said to start pushing so she could see how long it was going to take. I pushed twice and they rolled me on my side saying the baby's heart rate was dropping when I pushed. They had to call another doctor in since it was going so fast and my doctor was finishing up a c-section. As I was getting ready to push, my doctor came in and I started to push. She said I was probably going to need a vacuum assistance and I began pushing even harder. Then she said it looked as if she was going to have to do an episiotomy. I pushed so hard at this point and about 15 minutes into pushing my beautiful baby girl was born.l at 12:10pm on October 1st. I felt myself rip as my baby girls head was coming out. I had first degree tears (the doctor called skid marks) and I was stitched up. I could feel the stitches, so the doctor had to numb me. The afterbirth was just as painful for me as the labor. My daughter has a very large cone head due to being stuck in my pelvic region and they said to take about 2 inches off of her length (of 20 inches). I found out after my daughter was delivered that the epidural ran out of medicine about 10 minutes before pushing, which is why I felt the doctor starting the stitches. This was a very traumatic experience for me as I wanted an all natural birth. I had to lay in the hospital bed for 24 hours and labored for 23 hours. Since my water broke and was ruptured over 24 hours, we had to stay in the hospital at least 48 hours for blood testing to make sure my daughter was okay. After everything I went through I am so blessed to have my daughter home and in my arms. Olivia Grace was born Oct. 1st at 12:10 pm weighing 7 lbs 7 oz and was 20 inches long.