Who do you let be there for your birth?

My family is large (I have 6 siblings, my husband has 3) and my side of the family is accustomed to camping out at the hospital awaiting a birth. They assume that this will be the case for our baby's birth. They have already commented on "cheering me on from the hallway". Now, the entire family was there (literally in the room and taking over the waiting room) when my neice was born and it was very special to hear her being born and her first cry. But, I am giving birth at a birth center with no interventions even if I labor for days. While I love the "tribe mentality" of letting everyone be close duribg birth, I also really think it's private and really think family being even in the waiting room creates pressure. I do not want "pop ins" while I'm laboring and really want skin to skin with me and my husband and our baby for at least 2 uninterrupted hours after birth. If birth goes as I "plan" i will be naked, in a tub and making out with my husband to get some I oxitocin going haha. Our birthing center typically sends you home after 5 hours too. Now, what are your thoughts? Will I regret not including all FIFTEEN people in our birth? Is keeping birth private more important that letting family experience the sacredness of our baby being born? It's really a tough decision for us.