Any thoughts?

Jenni • 22 yr old. NYC. Wellness professional.
So I got my IUD like 2-3 weeks ago. I'm yet to experience my period. Since I have the copper IUD I know I the cramps will be worse, the flow will be heavier but I knew that from the very beginning. What I had no idea was that I was going to experience terrible cramping and bleeding before my period. I'm posting this here to share my experience for anyone that wants to get it (although remember each body is different) and also to see if other ladies have experienced the same thing.. 
I am 20 years old, not wanting to start a family at this moment. I went to look for a long term not permenant solution so I started to investigate the IUD. After going to the doctor weekly for a whole month I was finally able to get it. Someone said it hurt like labor pains (I wouldn't really know) but it did hurt a great deal. My nurse was very nice and told me to drink an Advil for the pain. 
After getting the IUD I was bleeding as if I had a normal period and I had very mild cramps. The bleeding stopped after 2 weeks ( I was spotting at the end) but last Saturday was when the terrible cramps started. I was at work when I felt cramps. At first they were bearable but after an hour I had to sit down and I ended up going home. When I got home I took an ibuprofen of 600mg and went to lay down. I tried sleeping, I tried watching TV, eventually I fell asleep but even in my sleep I felt terrible pain. Once I woke up I had soft cramps, nothing like before and the day later I took another ibuprofen to keep the cramps from returning. 
Today at work it started again, I just came from buying two advils and I hope it works. 
I'm happy with the IUD, I feel like I have more control over my life and of myself. The only thing that is bothering me are my cramps. After Saturday I was expecting to find the IUD outside of me, I thought maybe my body wasn't accepting it. I don't know what to do, but I'm dreading my period. If anyone has advise or a similar experience please share. Thank you for reading & good luck