Scared shitless

I have never freaked myself out this bad before.

Before you keep this is very tmi so be ready.....

I was dating a guy who never had sex before. He had only ever done oral with one girl and it was the first time for both of them. We dated/talked for a few months and then had sex. About a week ago I started getting blisters all around my bikini line. At first it was one big blister that popped and I thought it was a really bad in grown hair. Then I stared getting more of them and they rub on my underwear and jeans and it really hurts. I told him he had to be tested right away because I new I was clean. Btw he still isn’t tested. Just the other day I called and made an appointment with my obgyn. I have been googling like crazy and crying myself to sleep. I showed my mom she said it was sister even told me that. Guys I’m freaking out. I don’t even want to kiss someone because I’m scared I have something.

What do you guys stink if my situation?

I needHELP