Unprotected sex resulting in taking Plan B

On 10/3 I had unprotected sex (with a guy other then my boyfriend I was drinking and upset over my boyfriends infidelity) on my ovulation day I took plan b with 12 hours of having sex and on Wednesday 10/7 I started seeing brown discharge and later that day it turned into pink/red spotting at first I thought it was Implatation bleeding from previously having sex with my boyfriend until Thursday 10/8 I started bleeding heavily which made me believe I stared AF early until I noticed on Friday 10/9 I was bleeding medium/light and that was the last day I had any bleeding I talked to my boyfriend and we still want a baby after everything that has happen to us it's made us stronger and need to know what to input in glow did I have a early and short period or was it just spotting I want to know when I should be ovulating next so I can track it again 

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