Headache that never ends

Teresa • Due April 24th with #3! 1 boy 1 girl-tie breaker on the way! cloth diapering, baby wearing, cosleeping, homebirth Mama!
I've had a headache for. 3 days now . Before pregnancy I was taking a prescription strength medication for pain. My doc said no more of that, understandably. Tried Tylenol and coffee, showers, heat, water galore, etc with barely any relief. I'm not functioning and my house is a mess and I own a business and I miss my family time. I think there has to be something else I can take that isn't a big risk but allows me to function as well. Doc didn't seem open to talking about it. Other options? I'm going to have a neck adjustment which sometimes helps but it's booked up and I end up sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours and that's not good either. Anyone else? Any ideas?
It's sinuses and bad neck issues. Also barometric. I'm a hot mess!