Moving on


So I broke up with my boyfriend less than a month ago, I thought I was gonna be okay but it’s hitting me way harder than I expected. We dated for six months, he was my first love and It hurts even more because of how we ended. I took down my pictures with him and I, I didn’t throw them away I just put them where I wouldn’t see them, I try not to listen to the music that reminds me of him even though almost every song I listen to does. I barely have any motivation to do anything, Im always upset, I just try not to show it in front of anyone and I’m mad at myself for feeling this way when it was my choice. I could’ve talked everything out with him but I decided to be petty and just break up with him in the moment. It feels like I won’t be able to love anyone the way I loved him but I know I’ll eventually be okay, I just want to get to that point ASAP. Advice please?