Fake Friend

Kayci • Just a small town girl

So a few months ago my ex best friend and I split up deciding it was better off for both of us. I ended our friendship for the abuse and the insults from the past two and half years and she ended it over $10. Then she proceeded to tell everyone I tried forcing myself on her and kissed her. (Major major lies) my new best friend told me that she(ex bsf) had asked my guy best friend if he liked me and of course his natural reaction was ‘ew no why would I date her she’s so ugly?’ (We call each other ugly all the time but then compliment each other so we know it’s a joke) she proceeds to say hey it’s not nice to bully. Lately, she’s been trying to get closer to my friend group and be good friends with them and everyone tells me she’s wanting to try and be friends again. Do you think people like her change within a month and half or should I stay away? Please comment advice! ❤️❤️ Thanks in advanced!❤️