I'm very stressed

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My mom is doing my baby shower in another state 5 hours away because that's where most of our friends and family live. I will be 36 weeks pregnant and don't know how safe is it to travel 5 hours by car for a weekend and then drive 5 hours back. Also my mom said my husband cannot come with us because my dad and my grandpa don't like him. But the confusing part is my mom is forcing me to name my baby after my dad and grandpa to honor the two older men in the family, and apparently they are expecting it. None of this makes sense to me and don't know what to do... My husband is afraid to have me travel at 36 weeks but he said he wants to come to take care of me just in case anything happens. My mom says they don't need him because I have my whole family to take care of me in case of an emergency. However, I'd feel awful if he wasn't there and Godforbid I give birth at 36 weeks in another state. I just don't know what to do at this point.