What would you do?

Hi all! My little girl is 12 weeks and my husband and I had our first parenting disagreement. I’m curious to know what other moms opinions are and how you would handle the situation if you were me.

So my MIL is coming into town to camp next weekend and asked to watch the baby so we could go to a wedding. I was all for it until I found out she wants to keep the baby at the camper and not watch her at our house (which is very close to the campground she’s staying at). I thought it over and decided that I didn’t want my worries to keep her from getting to spend time with the baby so I called and asked her if she would mind bringing her back to our house at 7 so she could go to bed in her own bassinet. She said that wouldn’t work for her because she was bringing her dog and other grandson. Well she would literally be at my house for a whole hour if not less and I don’t think it’s a big request. My husband thinks I’m being unreasonable but I feel like it’s best for baby to be at home since she’s on a great night time schedule and wound be more comfortable. Especially since she’s never been watched by my mother in law. Now my husband is going to keep the baby and I’ll be going to the wedding alone because my MIL simply won’t bring her home for bedtime😑