Who is in the right?


Ok who is in the right and who is in the wrong??? I'm 18 weeks pregnant and it's coming down to finding out who is going to win the 18 week battle between my fiance and my 3 year old daughter... my daughter is wanting a sister and my fiance is wanting another boy ( he is really happy with a boy or girl he only does it to get her wound up)... they would sit here and my daughter tells everyone she is getting a sister and my fiance says nope she is getting another brother and then it turns into a playful screaming match where they fight about the gender well we get to find out Saturday what the gender will be and i cant be more excited finally get to see the tie breaker (for those wondering why Saturday its bc we are doing a gender reveal and the only one who will know the gender will be my future SIL) I get my ultrasound done friday evening I cant wait to see my lil miracle baby