Pregnant 6m6d- Rainbow baby

Miscarried at 19 weeks and 6 days in May of this year.

Obviously everything worries me with this pregnancy.

I had sex lastnight. . .gentle of course as im terrified anything will hurt me or the baby. This morning i had light mucusy bloody discharge. Of course i thought it was because i had sex lastnight but regardless i made an appt and got checked. The dr i saw (my regular wasnt available) used the metal thing to make sure my cervix was closed and my god did i wanna kick her. I hate it when they say "one more second" after youre clearly in pain and say so. But they did an ultrasound and baby was fine and heart beat was normal. But now i have more bloody discharge and im thinking its just from the metal thing.. . Dont really wanna go to the dr again if its nothing but i just wanted some reassuring. . . Anyone??