18 days late on period, neg FR HPT! Could i still be pregnant?

Hey guys so I know that usually if you get a “neg” it means “neg” but I’ve read so many things about women having reaaaallly late positive. My symptoms have been feeling nausea here and there, extremely hungry in the mornings, and last weekend I could smell the cutt of an onion that my mom was cooking but it smelled as if someone had held it under my nose and I had tasted it in my mouth(my door was closed and kitchen is pretty far away down a long hall) ..so weird. Also I have been experiencing watery like fluid in my underwear like soaked (as if I pee’d a little) and also been feeling “wet” down there and cramps as if period is about to start but nothing. Also, Had some clear long stretchy discharge first week of missed period on panties. Vaginal pressure, and sorry if tmi ..but sometimes I will also feel slight anal pressure. Been sneezing like crazy and blowing my nose but not sick. idk what to make of this. Last AF was Aug 5th and AF was supposed to start sept.5 but hasn’t came on ..it is now sept. 23. I am 18 days late, Have taken 5 pregnancy test, 3 cheapies, and 2 FR. Also, I had a miscarriage at 2 months in Feb but my cycles have been on point since and I would LOVE to be pregnant again 🙏🏼 Any advice on what to do? Am I testing too early maybe? Or has anyone here had their BFP superrrr late?! I’d like to hear you stories! Sorry in advance for the long post! Baby Dust to you all 💝