Finally found a kidney specialist 🙌😁


When I was pregnant with Elena we found out at our ultrasound around 35 weeks that it didnt look like she had a left kidney. It was extremely hard to hear because the doctors were not sure until after she was born if she was healthy or if she needed surgery. It was one of the hardest days for us and of course those weeks leading up to her birth were the hardest because instead of enjoying those last few weeks I was in constant thought worried and scared for our little girls life. Once Elena was born she had an ultrasound at one month to see if she had a kidney or not. It turns out she does but it is way smaller than her right kidney and it is down in her pelvic area. The doctors say she should be able to live a completely normal life but will not be able to play sports. We really wont know the full results until we go to her appointment at the childrens hospital on November 13th, so please keep our little girl in your thoughts and prayers 🙌❤