8w4d and I feel flutters!

Jessica • Married 💑 9/14/13. Son born 🧒 3/30/17. Molar pregnancy 🤷🏻‍♀️ 6/2018. Expecting a girl 👧 4/30/20!

Am I crazy? Second baby...so maybe I’m just more in tune with my body and the location of movements. But I am legit feeling some vibrations and flutters from this little jumping jelly bean! That’s what size he/she is right now - a jelly bean. Seems plausible that I’d feel a jelly bean wrapped in a larger amniotic sac moving, right? Everything I’m reading says “as early as 13 weeks” to feel movement in a second pregnancy. But I’m positive these are flutters! Anyone else? Also, this is cementing my fears that I got foiled into having a second baby by my “trick baby” who was perfect and sweet and calm lol. I’m in for it if this one is bouncing off the walls at 8 weeks, aren’t I?!?